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 Transforming the effects of anger and anxiety, one brain at a time. 

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The Power of Drama in Education

Drama isn’t just for the stage!  Karen’s success in education, including teaching students who ‘just don’t do school’, has given her great insight into how the Arts can enhance student success in any subject area. 

Label of Care

Karen’s story is both poignant and humourous. Audience members will become inspired to become active advocates in their own lives… regardless of the situation they are currently experiencing.


It is very difficult to make rational decisions when you are in fight-flight-fight mode.  Our neurochemistry is designed to keep us focused on solving the problem that is causing the stress… which is great if the problem is almost getting hit by a truck… that problem goes away.  Not so great if the problem isn’t yours to resolve--- work environment; negative relationships, etc.   There are concrete ways, backed by research, to increase the serotonin in your system to help you think clearly again. 


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As a former administrator and high school teacher, Karen Tompkins has developed a myriad of techniques to engage even the most reticent of audiences. Her skills as an actor and director are also called into play in order to tailor her presentations for each client who invites her to be a part of their team.



Previous Clients


       September 1, 2023

When my first child was born she stopped breathing. Yes, she did survive—but it kept happening. Three years later we learned she was missing a part of her brain that controlled breathing. I desperately wanted to fix her and I didn’t know how. A band aid wasn’t going to be enough.

It became my mission to learn all things neuroscience. Drawing on my 30 years’ experience as a teacher and curriculum developer I hunted down knowledge with neurologists across the world and in universities across Canada and the States. You can probably guess that my baby shower gifts didn’t include a manual on rare brain disorders.

You know what I learned?

If we understand our brains, we can trick our brains into helping us live better.

When it comes to human behaviour we may not even know why we are reacting a certain way. Too often behaviours caused by anger and anxiety issues can destroy a work environment. Your whole work team may be walking on eggshells hoping they don’t say the wrong thing to one person. But that can change.

It’s been my joy over 20 years to be the keynote speaker or workshop facilitator to groups learning the benefits of applying the principles of neuroscience. These simple but effective techniques have been used by organizations like the University of Windsor, the Greater Essex District School Board, the OSSTF and the Council of Exceptional Children.

Countless participants say they have discovered their calmer, more effective and even more likeable selves. They become champions of healthy thinking, restoring harmony to their families and work teams.

It’s unfair but people with intrusive behaviours often get judged harshly in this world. As a former president of  the International Joubert Syndrome Foundation, I advocated for sufferers of brain-behaviour problems like my daughter. Advocacy—driven by compassion and science—is still a part of my work today.

Remember, your brain has a mind of its own but you can outsmart it.

Are You In Tune?

Have you ever had a joke fall flat? Or a sharp comment thrown at you? This keynote explores reasons why our conversations are sometimes out of tune. Karen will teach you simple activities to help calm your brain so that you can focus on staying in harmony with your team’s communications. 


This workshop was amazing!  It was a great reminder about the importace of self-care and that it is okay to not be okay.  You are a wonderful, engaging presenter and I could have listened to you longer!  Your genuine interest/passion for the topic and your authenticity are so refreshing.  Thank you so much!                         Kim J.  Guelph, Ontario; October 2018

"Anxiety is your body's reaction to unresolved stress" -- wow, hit the nail on the head there.                    Cory W.       WordFest Live 2022


Very funny and entertaining presentation.  Great examples and analogies.  I was very interested for the first 45 minutes (usually I get bored within 5) Good job!                   University of Windsor: Windsor, Ontario; March 2019

Thanks for sharing, very interesting, very thought provoking, very inspirational --Totally enjoyable -- you are a pleasure to listen to.  I like the practical exercises. 

                                                                                 Guelph, Ontario; October 2018

Thank you for providing so much info in such an engaging way :)   

                                                          Dryden, Ontario; June 2019


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